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VISA APPLICATIONS  (Download Application for Non-Immigrant Visa P1-2 Form)

  1. Personal appearance
  2. Duly accomplished Non-Immigrant visa form (available at the Embassy and downloads section of the website)
  3. One (1) passport size photo (taken within the last 6 months)
  4. Original and photocopy of passport
  5. CPR card
  6. Roundtrip ticket
  7. Latest bank statement or financial capacity to travel
  8. Hotel booking or Invitation letter from the Philippine sponsor, with copy of sponsor’s passport or any Identification card Employment certificate


Additional requirements may be requested on the following cases

  • For Non-Bahraini national: Residence Permit or re-entry visa for more than six (6) months at the time of travel
  • For recruitment purpose: Letter of Authority from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) authorizing the applicant to recruit/interview Filipino workers. Must apply for a Special Work Permit (SPW) at the Bureau of Immigration upon arrival in Manila
  • For Medical treatment: Medical Certificate attested by the Bahrain Ministry of Health and letter of acceptance from Physician/Medical Institute in the Philippines
  • If married to a Filipino citizen: photocopy of PSA Marriage Contract and copy of spouse’s passport
  • For Foreign Nationals of certain countries: List of Countries whose nationals require a Bahrain CID Good Conduct. (Click Here)
  • For multiple-entry visa application: letter of intent indicating the applicant’s purpose for multiple-entry to the Philippines

*Additional requirements may be requested if necessary. Please note that the decision to grant a visa is not made by the Consular Officer alone. Submission of the requirements/documents as listed is not a guarantee that you will be issued a visa.

 *Processing time: 2-5 working days upon payment



Visa Free Entry

Single Entry

BD 12.410

Multiple - Six (6) months

BD 24.820

Multiple – One (1) year

BD 37.225


Visa Required Entry

Single Entry

BD 19.550

Multiple - Six (6) months

BD 36.100

Multiple – One (1) year

BD 52.680